For standard industrial warehouse light, its function is only standard ON and OFF.

While for some big warehouse with large working areas and more shift working hours, then microwave motion sensor has enables industrial warehouse light smarter and more energy saving.

What’s microwave motion sensor?

A microwave motion sensor uses electro-magnetic radiation. It emits waves which are then reflected to the receiver. The receiver analyzes the waves that are bounced back. If there is an object moving in the room, these waves are going to be altered. The microwave detector can identify changes from moment to moment. Ideally, the receiver should be receiving the same waves back again and again.

What are the benefits of a microwave motion sensor?

  • Microwave motion detectors can be used in virtually any environment, including those that are otherwise not hospitable to sensors, such as high heat environments that can be set up with photoelectric sensors. This makes them one of the most versatile types of sensors.
  • Microwave detectors can go through walls and holes. Because of this they can cover a larger area than a home or commercial property, including quite large outdoor areas. For this reason, they are usually good for those who need to protect large areas of land.
  • Microwave detectors can be programmed to reduce the amount of false alarms without having to reduce the number of correct positives, thus improving accuracy, and improving ease of use.
  • Microwave detectors are generally less expensive to purchase, although they can be more expensive to use. They are one of the simplest systems to purchase and one of the oldest technologies.

What’s type of microwave motion sensor HonLIGHT use for our industrial warehouse light?

The type of microwave motion sensor we used for our industrial warehouse light is Merrytek brand or Haisen Brand. Built-in microwave motion sensor model will not impact its performance and waterproof rate. If work with 1-10v dimmable driver, then it’s easy to achieve 2-step or 3-step dimming function. Moreover, remote controller option is much easy to adjust parameter after project installation finished.

Here below are two normal types of industrial warehouse light with built-in microwave motion sensor and working with remote controller.

For more details, please kindly send email to to ask for specification data sheet.

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