127th Canton Fair officially opened On June 15th, and around 25,000 enterprises across the country participated in the exhibition. According to the official website of the Canton Fair, on the first day of the Canton Fair, more than 8,000 live broadcasts were conducted simultaneously during the day, while fell to around 6,000 at night.

During this time, countless companies have focused their attention on the live broadcasting, but keen entrepreneurs have begun to adjust their corporate strategies to build infrastructure and officially enter the era of digital marketing.

What are failures of 127th Online Canton Fair?

a>   Sudden black screen of the live broadcasting screen

b>   More domestic visitors than overseas visitors

c>   No reminder for incoming message and no track history of clients

d>   Complex register and sign in process

e>   Bad experiences with unprepared presentation

What’s the real meaning of 127th online canton fair?

Although there are many objective reasons for the online Canton Fair this time, and many companies have not harvested much inquiries, the performance of each company in the live broadcast room is a reply to the construction of the enterprise’s online marketing system.

To understand that the Canton Fair will move from offline to online, it is not just a change of scene. It replaces the entire path of contact between overseas buyers and domestic buyers.

 What did we learn from 127th online canton fair?

Many people are not optimistic about this Canton Fair. As an attempt during epidemic, although it has various deficiencies, it provides a possibility for majority of foreign trade companies and has become an important position for many companies to transform and upgrade.

How to quickly reverse the stereotypes by the traditional offline model, and actively build an enterprise online marketing system is a problem that many small and medium-sized foreign trade companies urgently need to solve.

a> Build brand value actively

For foreign trade companies, this process is often funnel-shaped from overseas buyers reaching the brand to finalizing the order conversion. Foreign trade companies must complete a large amount of content marketing in the early stage, and constantly establish the trust of overseas buyers for the brand. Coupled with the refined operation of all links in the later stage, it can finally prompt customers to make order decisions.

b> Reach users in multiple channels

When we have the ability of content marketing, we must learn to reach users through different channels. Whether it is Google search or social media marketing, we should combine with the specific situation of the enterprise at the current stage, select the appropriate channel to reach the user through the content as much as possible. At this moment, it is very important to have a team with online marketing awareness.

c>Prepare refined marketing

After preparing for channel laying and content, the foreign trade enterprise should sort out the path of the entire overseas buyer’s contact with the brand, and carry out refined operations on each conversion node.

As long as the foreign trade enterprise can sort out the entire customer journey and formulate corresponding solutions, the commercial value of a live broadcast may be inestimable.


The epidemic has speeded up the process from offline marketing to online marketing fast, but it’s a new and inevitable trend.

To discover the importance of this online trend and take action are quite important to company’s growth.